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Bowler of the Year



Bowler of the Year Formula:

A. You will receive 5 points for each of the first five tournaments you bowl during the season, 10 points for each of the next 2 tournaments bowled and 20 points for the last two tournaments bowled, for a maximum total of 120 points.

B. Points for the semifinals will be computed using the following formula:
1st Place = (Number of cuts * 10)
2nd Place = 1st Place Points * 0.9
3rd Place = 2nd Place Points * 0.9
4th Place = 3rd Place Points * 0.9

No semi-finalist will receive fewer than 10 points.

Points awarded for the Championship Tournament will be worth 1.5 times the above calculation.

C. You will receive 1 point for every $5 won (not including Masters, side pots, brackets or perfect game Jackpot).

D. You will receive 5 points for every pin your season's average is over your beginning of the year average class. The number of points your receive for average improvement will fluctuate during the season as your average changes. (Class A: 207, Class B: 200, Class C: 193, Class D: 186, Class E: 179, Class F: 172, Class G: 166, and Class H: 160)

E. You will receive 40 points for high qualifier, 30 points for 2nd, 20 points for 3rd and 10 points for 4th.  In case of ties, points will be split.

F. To be eligible, a member must have bowled 5 tournaments, excluding the Masters.

G. Bowler of the year will be announced at the completion of the Championship Tournament and will receive their award at the beginning of the following season.  

*Money Average = True Bowling Average + 1 pin for each $300 won (no rounding). This this is the average used for re-rates.

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