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Entries for Signature Lanes on

May 7, 2023.


Current Entry Count: 51

Maximum Entries: 96


Pattern:  Kegel Challenge Broadway v2 (37 ft); Oil Ratio 4.77:1

Artley, Jim

Banghart, Damian

Beckman, Kevin

Buczynski, Joe

Burkett, Bruce

Castillo, Kevin

Caudill, Tyler

Cichos, Jeff

Collins, Jasmine

Cornell, David

Corvin, Robert

Delcamp, Jeremy

English, Andrew

Farley, Matt

Ferrah, Sam

Ferro, Tony

Fister, Corey

Froberg, Bill

Hartung, Chris

Hendrixson, Billy

Hendrixson, Matt

Hershberger, Glen

Hill, Ben

Hutchings, Joe

Knowles, Jerry

Lewis, Jordan

Matheny, Dave

Maurer, Dustin

McClosky, Dale

McGhee, Laron

Nadolny, Jim

Narregan, Kevin

Packingham, Shannon

Pavy, Austin

Phillips, Aaron

Rath, Brandon

Rath, Bill

Reed, Jerry

Roberts, Matt

Rose, Joshua

Schlabach, Mikey

Sheler, Eddie

Smith, Aaron

Smith, Terrence

Stealy, Jim

Symonds, Dan

Toops, Bill

Trennepohl, Chuck

Utter, Jason

Weatherman, Dennis

Wilson, Antonio


**Entries that are bolded and underlined are fully paid and reserved.  All entries paying day of tournament are subject to cancellation by 8:30 a.m. day of tournament.





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