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Entries for Country Club Lanes

March 17, 2024  

Current Entry Count: 50

Maximum Entries: 112

Adams, Seth

Artley, Jim

Asbury, Tyler

Baker, Brandon

Beckman, Kevin

Buczynski, Don

Buczynski, Joe

Butzky, Phil

Carter, Micah

Castillo, Kevin

Chea, Raymond

Cichos, Jeff

Claxton, Lucas (y)

Collins, Jasmine

Corvin, Robert

Denniston, Tyler

Ferrah, Sam

Fister, Corey

Flaugh, Jason

Hampton, Jimmy

Hartung, Chris

Hendrixson, Billy

Hershberger, Glen

Hill, Ben

Huneryager, Russell

Johnston, Jordan

Knowles, Jerry

Lohse, Steve

McCloskey, Dale

Medich, Jon

Milligan, Brittany

Pavy, Austin

Phillips, Aaron

Rath, Bill

Rath, Brandon

Reed, Jerry

Roberts, Matt

Rose, Joshua

Sheler, Eddie

Siade, Jeremy

Smiley, Markis

Smith, Kenneth

Symonds, Dan

Toyias, Chris

Utter, Jason

Utter, Melissa

Weston, Connor (y)

Wilson, Antonio

Winters, Jed

Winters, Isaiah

**Entries that are bolded and underlined are fully paid and reserved.  All entries paying day of tournament are subject to cancellation by 8:30 a.m. day of tournament.





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